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Newton House Gin A typical English Gin

Jane Cannon talks to Headlines about the inspiration behind the hand-crafted Newton House Gin.


Flavours to discover

Newton House Gin, 43.2%

Juicy orange and delicate hints of red berries, before a wave of herbaceous mint and coriander develops - this herbal and floral gin works especially well with tonic
and a slice of lime. The result is a lovely smooth gin, full-bodied but also elegant in style.


Wicked Wolf, 40%

Made from 11 botanicals producing complex layers of citrus and pepper notes finely balanced with the distinct flavours of juniper and coriander, resulting in a mature, premium spirit.


Conker Spirit Dorset Dry Gin, 40%

Taking inspiration from the landscape around them, Conker Spirits makes use of hand-picked Dorset grown botanicals such as samphire and gorse flowers to create a unique and complex gin.


Plymouth Gin, 41.2%

Remaining loyal to the original recipe created in 1793, this wonderful spirit is distilled from a blend of seven botanicals, soft Dartmoor water and pure grain alcohol. Look out for the hint of coriander and cardamom and wait for the sweet bite of juniper and citrus.


Salcombe Gin, 44%

Rich and full in the mouth with juniper and fresh ruby red grapefruit on the fore followed by layers of warming citrus spice from English coriander seed and cubeb. Subtle savoury tones from bay leaf, balanced by a touch of sweetness from liquorice root.

Newton House Gin Bottle

A Typical English Gin

Robin and Jane Cannon purchased Newton House and 60 acres of gardens and grounds in 2007. It was in a very sorry state of decay and during the ten year restoration project every square inch of the house and outbuildings and every square yard of the grounds have been lovingly restored.

The walled gardens now grow a large variety of flowers for cutting, herbaceous borders to enjoy and many botanicals including exciting and colourful edible flowers for cocktails!

Newton House Gin Making
Newton House Gin Making


In a moment of inspiration Robin and Jane decided to use their unique spring water which is pure and the elixir of life, having seeped gently from the hills surrounding the house for centuries, together with their home-grown botanicals to create a small batch, hand-crafted gin. The gin was originally created in Hermione, a 10 litre copper still used to develop delicious libations. After much trialing and many errors the unique recipe was finally agreed and Newton House Gin was born.

Robin has always had a great passion for gin and so I, being Jane, his wife thought that the perfect gift for Christmas 2014 was a tour around a well known distillery in southern England. Little did I know what was to come!

This is where our whole gin journey started! It was the catalyst which gave both of us the inspiration, passion and enthusiasm to start our own distillery at our home, Newton House, in Somerset. It has taken an enormous amount of effort to establish the new venture and we have met with many challenges along the way. However in March of this year nearly two years after our dream started, we were delighted to fire up Henrietta, our 60 litre copper still which is located in the old dairy of our home.

During the development phase, a key objective was to produce a gin that reflected the charms, scents and flavours of a typical English garden. So, we started experimenting with botanicals grown in our own magical walled garden and began to use the following.

Newton House Gin Bottle Rain Puddlek

Lemons and oranges (grown in our greenhouse, Peaches (also grown in our greenhouse), Blueberries and Mint. We augmented this list with of course Juniper berries, the staple and essential botanical in all gins, coriander, bergamot, yellow grapefruit, liquorice, almonds and angelica root.

The gin process is completed by using our own refreshing spring water from the estate, which has seeped gently from the hills surrounding the house for centuries resulting in Newton House Gin which is 43.2% ABV. The final recipe was developed over a few months and when sampled by friends and family we started to receive rave reviews! It was only when we began to invite professionals to tasting sessions, including the team at Tolchards and still received really positive feedback,
that we thought we might be on to a winner and Henrietta was fired up in earnest.


Newton House Gin Bottle Neck

However, it wasn’t just the gin itself that was key. It had to be presented well. We wanted the bottle to look ‘elegant, classy and desirable’ on the shelf of any retailer, pub, restaurant or hotel. We wanted to ensure Newton House Gin had presence and could stand up against any competition.

With this objective we worked with a highly regarded label designer based in Scotland, and after several attempts and different bottle designs decided to use a 70cl bottle which is produced in France, and the presentation you see today.

Our ambition for Newton House Gin is to keep it a small batch, hand-crafted product distilled and bottled in the heart of our own home and garden, by us.

We would love Newton House Gin to be a premium gin in the South West of England an area renowned for fine producers of both food and drink. With Tolchards support and counsel, we are confident we can achieve this.

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discuss stocking Newton House Gin or

Newton Gin Production
Newton Gin Production
by Mark Tipton

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